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Does your cat or dog experience anxiety when travelling? or perhaps you are moving house and are worried your pet might run away? does your cat mark your house with odorous urine, or maybe you have several cats, and you'd like to lessen conflicts between them?

The use of pheremones could assist in addressing your pet problems. These natural compounds are used by animals for communication with others.

Please contact Pomona Veterinary Surgery for more information about these innovative products.

For Dogs

Dog Appeasing PheremoneD.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheremone) is recommended for use over 3 months to ease anxiety created by separation. Improvement should be noted after 2 months. D.A.P. is available as a spray and as a diffuser.

Pheremones and DogsFor a puppy in a new home, the recommendation is for 1 month, and for complete socialisation and to help the puppy feel comfortable being home alone, use over 3 months is recommended.

If used in conjunction with a behavioural modification or desensitization program associated with separation problems, D.A.P. should be used under veterinary supervision and used until the end of the treatment program.

D.A.P. used to reduce stress associated with a loud event should be introduced into the environment at least 1 week before the expected event and removed 1 week after the event (e.g. fireworks).

For Cats

Cat PheremonesUrine marking marking is a common behaviour in cats and is used as a means of communication. Because of the unacceptable odour of urine, many owners find the behaviour difficult to tolerate. Feliway® can provide a solution which stops or prevents marking and the problems associated with it. The product reproduces certain pacifying properties of natural facial phenomena and is easily used in all circumstances where urine marking occurs.

Feliway® should be used for at least a month. Application should continue even if you see an improvement.

FeliwayIn multiple cat households, the use of the Feliway® diffuser will reduce the general level of stress whilst the spray can be applied to specific areas to start with. It may not be necessary to use the spray for longer than 2 weeks.

The Feliway® diffuser should be plugged into the room most used by the pet during the day. It is recommended to use the diffuser for an area of 50m² to 70m². The diffuser should not be covered and should not be placed behind a door or underneath furniture.

For more information regarding the use of D.A.P. / Feliway® sprays and diffusers, please contact Pomona Veterinary Surgery.

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